For those of you who don’t know, Amar’s brain is always working.  He is constantly thinking of ways to improve the barbershop, whether it is in the shops decor, the quality of service or the membership perks.  Over the last six months, he has begun some amazing projects to help grow the shop and it’s amazing worldwide reputation.

Many months ago, we began the process of designing and producing our very own sock line!  The brand is EVEREST BROTHERS and will hopefully grow into a line of other amazing products.

Although there were many cost effective options overseas, we really wanted to keep the project local.  We worked with a Vancouver based design and printing company to come up with our first batch of 12 socks.  Each style represents something important to our shop, and will be great for clients and out of town visitors.

(Over half our daily clientele is visiting Vancouver)


Here is a sneak peek…..