Our Team

Everest Barbers is the city’s premier Barbershop and men’s grooming destination. Centrally located in the business district of Vancouver, our experienced barbers and stylists are happy to work you to cultivate the specific look you are going after. We deliver a different experience and take pride in using old-world techniques combined with modern styles and looks. Professionally trained staff, central location, calm and clean environment as well as top level service are just some of what to expect from Everest Barbers.




Amar has been a barber since 1995 and has been a staple of the Vancouver barber scene since 2013.  He is trained with old world techniques and, combined with his modern skills and friendly personality, he is the perfect barber.  He can cut any hair texture and will always offer you advice on the right style for your hair, your lifestyle and your budget.  Although Amar excels at all things hair and beard related, he loves giving the perfect straight razor shave.  




Rafi was trained by the master himself and although he hasn’t been at it for as long as Amar, his attention to detail has helped him to become a phenomenal barber.  Rafi can work with all short hair types and excels at tight fades and crisp lines.  If you have never had your beard trimmed professionally, sit in Rafi’s chair for an unbelievable experience.  


The Dog


Everest, a two year old Hungarian Vizsla, is named after the barbershop.  She is curious and full of energy and loves meeting new people.  She spends half her days in the shop and half at home with her human brother and sister.

Want to make a best friend in 5 seconds? Bring by one of Everest’s favourite treats, and you are in!

Stop by the shop anytime, we would be happy to introduce you to Everest.



Amy is an Irish girl who studied her fashion degree in Manchester, UK before moving to Canada. Although she is not experienced with a razor or scissors her background in fashion was easily transitioned into the hair industry as we all know your hairstyle is a massive staple to any
outfit! She loves photography and saw an opportunity to use her skills at the barbershop and run the social platforms.

She loves travelling the world and meeting new people. In her spare time she enjoys socializing with her friends and spending time outdoors listening to music.