Small Changes = Big Rewards

Refreshing your look for fall should not cost you an arm and a leg.  Yes, you could spend a bunch of money on a new wardrobe, but 30 minutes in the barber’s chair can have the same effect if you’re brave enough to say something other than “The Usual”.

If you normally go super short on the sides and back, why not leave a little length to play with.  Style it forward for a younger fresher look, or slick back for a little Great Gatsby vibe.  On top, you could take it shorter than normal to rock an edgier look, or leave a bit extra to allow for different styles throughout the week.  The fastest way to change up your current look is to try out a new product!  Normally like a wet look?  Test out how your hair looks with a matte finish.  When going for a dry look, apply to dry hair and make sure you heat the product up in your palms before you begin applying…and always start in the back!


When it comes to facial hair, there are so many options to change not only your look, but your face shape!  Are you lucky enough to have a strong square jaw?  Make sure your beard follows those same crisp lines.  Born with a weaker chin or maybe a few extra chins? Have your beard longer on the chin area to create the shape you want.  The same goes for a face that looks smaller than the body, or the face that has some extra chub to it…have your beard trimmed PROFESSIONALLY to accent what you have and hide what you might not love.  Finally, don’t underestimate what a little beard oil or balm can do for you.